Natacha V. Beim is an early years and parenting expert, a writer, a speaker, an elementary school, junior kindergarten and early years teacher, and the founder of the renowned CEFA Early Learning Schools.

Parenting resources and advice from our CEFA founder, Natacha V. Beim

There are two things that CEFA Founder Natacha V. Beim is passionate about: early learning and parenting.

Natacha founded CEFA Early Learning Schools more than 25 years ago, having designed the best curriculum for children under 5 based on research and best practices world-wide.

Today, with more than 30 CEFA schools, thousands of CEFA children benefit from world class education, all taught through games, hands-on experiments, and a great amount of fun.

Natacha had the great fortune of having two children of her own, and took delight in raising them, with the same spirit of fun and magic that premiates through her schools. Her sons, now both adults, had an idyllic childhood, with zero shouting, zero temper tantrums, zero time-outs, zero bribes or punishment, and zero power struggles, even during the teenage years. Over the years, Natacha shared with CEFA parents her parenting tools and philosophy, and helped hundreds of families parent with confidence and success. 

Natacha believes that everything can be learned through fun, and that every day at school can be a magical, exciting day. This is evident the minute you walk into any CEFA school. Now you can make your own time with your child full of joy, fun and magic.

Parenting with Natacha is designed to give all parents an opportunity to learn parenting skills from Natacha, by having access to her parenting advice. Here, she shares with all parents her wise parenting techniques, and gives parents an opportunity to have their questions answered directly from her, throught Ask Natacha.

Parenting with Natacha gives you not only the resources you need, but also a mentor during your parenting years, and a place where you can get your questions answered and your doubts alleviated. You can now finally learn from an expert in parenting and learning: our CEFA Founder.

Enjoy the journey, we will be here for you, every step of the way!