Reading is one of the most important activities you and your child can do together. In my article, ten ways to help your child be an excellent reader, I share why reading is essential, and tips to make reading time count.

I’ve always had a big library at home, for myself as well as for my children. As my sons outgrew some of their books, I kept their favorites for them to read to their own children one day, and some I gave to our cefa schools. Many books were lovingly passed on by my children to their cousins and to their friends, and many they donated with great pride to their school library.

Books are a great investment, especially at that age, because children love to read and re-read the same book many times over. They also learn to use books as resources, like we do as adults. You can also borrow books from the library, and only buy those you find your child especially loves, or the ones (like an atlas) they will want to refer to over the years.

Below are some books I recommend for your child’s library.

Good Literature for Children

Books That Foster Empathy, Mindfulness and Personal Development

Inspirational Books and Biographies

Academic Books

Generic Workbooks for Junior Kintergarden