Painting is such great fun for children, and an essential activity for the early years. This activity is simple and very inexpensive to do. All you need is a large piece of paper, two feet and a bit of paint.

If it is a nice day out, this is a perfect outdoor activity as well!

Best Ages for This Activity

This activity is great for babies all the way up to 5-year old’s (or older).

How to Make It


  • Washable paint – you can use one colour but if you want to incorporate science (colour mixing), add at least one more colour.
  • A Large sheet of paper
  • Paper plates or other washable container to put some paint in, large enough for your child’s feet to fit in.

Let’s Play!

  • You are now ready to paint!
  • Place the sheet of paper on the floor, either outside or inside
  • Put some paint on the paper plates
  • Help your child put on a bathing suit, or stay in a diaper – anything that has their legs and feet free and that is washable
  • Your child will know what to do next! J

Learning Opportunities

Children will learn S.T.E.M., especially science while seeing what colours they can obtain from mixing two or more colours. They will express themselves artistically, and have a beautiful art piece to keep at the end of the fun process. They will also use their fine and gross motor skills, which contribute to writing, and enjoy a highly sensorial activity.

Things to Keep in Mind

Please keep in mind that young children need adult supervision at all times. Paint can be slippery!

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