Blocks are a staple in every child’s playroom, as they are in our CEFA Early Learning schools. There are so many things we can build with blocks, and so much imaginative play! Let me suggest one way that will turn your child’s view of their creations, well, upside down 🙂

This is a simple activity that your child can play alone, or with siblings, while you work nearby. Here is what is needed (which you probably already have):

Best Ages for This Activity

This activity is great for babies all the way up to 5-year old’s – the blocks they play with just get smaller and more complex!

How to Make It


  • A non-breakable mirror that you can place on the floor (best) or on a table. Larger is better, so they can sit on it if they want, and build larger structures. If you do not have a non-breakable mirror, I suggest you try using the mirror vertically instead (as in the photo), and secure it to a table or wall, so your child does not accidentally break it and hurt themselves with the glass.
  • Blocks of any kind, or other small toys you have around the house. The point is to build a structure on top of the mirror. At the bottom of this document, I have included a few suggestions for blocks for all ages

Let’s Play!

  • You are now ready to play!
  • Place the mirror on the floor and leave baskets of blocks nearby so your child can be attracted to work in that area.
  • You can have several kinds of blocks, and more than one mirror, placed in different positions
  • You can start playing with your child, or simply leave them to use their imagination.
  • Add cars, or anything else after a while, so they keep building!

Learning Opportunities

Children will learn S.T.E.M., especially engineering while figuring out what to build and how.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Once your child finishes playing with the blocks on the mirror (which can take 30 minutes or several days), use the mirror with play-dough and see what they can build!

Another day, get some glass markers and let them draw on the mirror!

Things to Keep in Mind

Please keep in mind that young children need adult supervision at all times. Also, use age-appropriate blocks as they can be a choking hazard. I’ve linked to some choices for babies and young children below.

Toys and Educational Material You Might Like

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