This is a much more complex activity that you might imagine. It is an engineering challenge on its own. This activity that will teach your child S.T.E.M. as well as fine motor skills. Make a Christmas tree out of LEGO bricks and decorate it! Your child will use imagination, creative thinking and problem-solving in this one activity alone – give it a try!

Best Ages for This Activity

Three to five (see below for easier examples)

How to Make It


  • Green LEGO bricks
  • Brown LEGO bricks
  • Other small colourful bricks to decorate your tree with (see picture)

Let’s get Started!

  • Invite your child to build a three-dimensional Christmas tree using LEGO bricks
  • Give them time to figure out how to build it. It is not a simple challenge, and they might have to try and fail a few times before they understand how to build it.
  • There is no right way to build the tree, so the more children use their imagination, the better. Use any pieces you have at home and see what your child comes up with!
  • Here are some ideas:



Learning Opportunities

Your child will learn S.T.E.M., especially engineering and math. They will also exercise their fine motor skills, which is very important in order to learn to write. They will also use their imagination and creativity in making their very own art piece!

Learning Vocabulary in This Activity:

Use math vocabulary that describes length, like short, shorter, long, longer, longest, etc.; also describe the size, colour and shape of the pieces you use. Practice using these words.

Natacha’s tip: Remember to let your child do as much of the process as they are capable of.

Extended Learning Opportunities


  • Try making different Christmas themed things using LEGO:

  • Make ornaments using LEGO:

  • Try making one of the LEGO sets I included below, in the “Toys and Other Things Your Child Might Like” section. They are a little more complex, but my son could work on sets much earlier than the age recommended on the box – it all depends on your child’s interests and abilities. You be the judge.
  • Look online with your child to find LEGO Christmas trees built by experts, which is amazing to see! Look at these ones, for example:

Things to Keep in Mind

Please keep in mind that children need adult supervision at all times, especially using small LEGO pieces that can present a choking hazard.

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