An important part of our S.T.E.M. curriculum at CEFA Early Learning schools is working with patterns. Understanding patterns is a foundational math skill.

Best Ages for This Activity

Three to five

How to Make It

You Will Need


Let’s Get Started

  • Print one copy of the game on cardstock paper
  • Put candy hearts of the same colour found in your game, in a bowl where your child can see them and pick them to place on the patterns.
  • Invite your child to complete the patterns on the sheet, using the candy. Name the colours as you go. If your child has difficulty, you can help by asking them to tell you what they see, then what comes next, and what comes next, etc. until they understand the pattern.

Learning Opportunities

Children will learn S.T.E.M., especially in the area of mathematics. In this game, the greatest learning opportunities are in reasoning, comparison and prediction. As always, the use of mathematical vocabulary greatly enriches these activities.

This activity also encourages your child to focus and stay on one task (increases attention span) which contributes to your child’s social and emotional development.

CEFA tip: Although patterning can be a great activity for your child to do alone (once the concept is clear), remember that at this age, children must always be supervised.

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