Children need to learn how to use scissors before starting kindergarten. At our CEFA Early Learning schools, we introduce our young students to scissors by first offering material other than paper to cut, as cutting paper is more difficult. Once your child is comfortable using scissors, introduce this scissors practice sheet, which will challenge their fine motor skills. This sheet is designed to teach your child to work adeptly with scissors and move beyond just snipping or cutting in a straight line.

Best Ages for This Activity

Three to five

How to Make It

You Will Need

Let’s get Started

  • Print one copy of the free printable stencil provided in each colour of paper
  • Cut the paper where indicated so you end up with strips of paper for children to cut following the lines provided
  • Place the strips on the storage box, use all the different colours to make it more attractive. If you don’t want to invest in a storage box, you can always use small containers for the different types of stencils.
  • Add a pair of safety scissors next to the strands of paper so it looks inviting for your child
  • Invite your child to cut the paper and demonstrate if necessary. Notice together that there are lines across each heart to indicate where to cut exactly.

Learning Opportunities

Children learn a lot by practicing cutting with scissors. They develop fine motor skills, which are essential for your child to learn to write. They also develop hand-eye coordination and bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body at the same time while each hand (or side) is performing a different task).  All of these skills are a fundamental part of our CEFA Early Learning schools writing curriculum, as well as our physical education curriculum.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Once your child has cut all the paper, you can use the colourful pieces to make a collage! Making the collage and using glue on small pieces of paper is not only a great creative and artistic activity, it is also a wonderful way to develop fine motor skills.






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