Father’s Day is a great opportunity to spoil dad with breakfast in bed, prepared by his very own children (with help). You can bring dad his newspaper or his favourite book as well, and make sure he can take his time getting out of bed on his special day.

It is a great activity to help your child think about their dad (in this case). About what they really love to eat and drink for breakfast, for example, does dad like coffee or tea? Does he add cream or sugar? Does he like savory or sweet breakfasts or a little bit of both? Your child can try to find out all of this information before Father’s Day, and plan a menu for dad.

Best Ages for This Activity

Zero to five (just know that the younger they are, the more you will have to do on their behalf but still, it is a nice morning for dad)

How to Make It

You Will Need:

  • Ingredients to prepare dad’s favourite breakfast
  • Coffee or tea
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice

Let’s Get Started!

  • A few days before Father’s Day, invite your child to make a special breakfast for dad (for Father’s Day). This will give you time to plan and prepare
  • Involve your child in planning it in advance:
    • What is dad’s favourite breakfast?
    • How do we make it?
    • What ingredients will we need?
    • What would dad like to drink? Coffee? Tea? Juice?
    • How does dad like his coffee or tea? With sugar? With cream?
    • Would dad like to read the newspaper in the morning?
    • Would dad prefer a book?
    • What else would you like to do for dad?
  • Go shopping for all the ingredients
  • The morning of, cook with your child, set up the breakfast tray nicely (go over what needs to be included with your child: a napkin, a “table cloth”, plates, a cup for the hot beverage, a glass for juice, cutlery. etc.
  • Add a Father’s Day card if you wrote one, so dad can get it first thing in the morning

Learning Opportunities

Cooking is a great activity for your child to learn life skills, as does setting up the breakfast tray. It teaches your child S.T.E.M. as they mix, measure, pour, cook, boil and watch the many scientific reactions happening as they cook. It is also a great opportunity to spend quality time as a family. Making sure dad has a good time teaches your child empathy. Enjoy!

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