One of the best gifts I have ever recieved was a piggy bank decorated with sharpie markers by my sons with all my favorite things on it. This is similar, but for the coffee or tea drinking father. It is inexpensive, and very easy to make! If your child is too young to “draw”, they can always scribble. You can use stickers beforehand to spell the word “dad” or even dad’s name. Here is an example below:

Best Ages for This Activity

One to five

How to Make It

You will need:

  • A white ceramic mug that has been fired and glazed (it’s just your regular cheap mugs – you can buy this at any dollar store or supermarket, at a thrift store for less than a dollar, or online here
  • Paint Sharpie markers (if you use the regular sharpie markers, they will rub off and fade over time. The paint sharpie is oil based) These come in metallic, full colour set, and even white if you opt for a black mug.
  • Rubbing alcohol if you have (you could skip that step if you wash the mug really well)
  • Letter stickers (optional – only if you are making the scribble mug)

Let’s Get Started!

  • Invite your child to make a mug for dad, as a gift for Father’s Day
  • Wash and dry the mug (your child can do this)
  • Clean the outside with rubbing alcohol and let it evaporate (this may take a few minutes. Then it is important that you don’t touch the mug on the outside so you don’t transfer oils from your hands on it. I know this is easier said than done with young children, so just do your best J
  • Now your child is ready to draw on the mug! If you want to wipe off little fingerprints after it is finished and clean it up a little, you can use rubbing alcohol.
  • Allow the mug to dry for 24 hours (this reduces fading over time, but you can skip it if you are in a rush)
  • Put the mug in the oven while it is cold (perfect for your child to do!) then turn up the temperature to 450 degrees F and bake for 30 minutes. Then turn off the heat and keep it inside so it cools off gradually and avoids breakage of an inexpensive mug.
  • If you want your mug to be dishwasher-safe, seal it with mod podge. Otherwise you can wash it by hand and skip the sealer.

Learning Opportunities

This is a great activity to help your child think of others, namely: their father. This helps your child develop empathy. It also develops your child’s fine motor skills and drawing skills.

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