I love Mother’s Day. I know that many people say it’s just a commercial opportunity, and I can understand why: buy presents, buy flowers, buy cards, buy brunch, buy dinner, buy, buy, buy…

Still, there’s another side to Mother’s Day – the day we honour our mothers. We don’t need the rest, really, if we don’t subscribe to the whole commercializing of it.

My Mother’s Day traditions are a blend of both, and I absolutely love that day, every year. I see it as an opportunity to stop and think of what our mothers mean to us. And of course, for my children to also do the same. I thought I would share with you my favourite things about this day and ask you about your own traditions. Here’s how we spend the day:

Mother’s Day Brunch
I love brunch in general, it is my favourite family meal. I love brunch at home, and I love brunch at a restaurant, complete with mimosas and all. My sons and I go for brunch almost every weekend. We have our favourite places, and we also try new places from time to time. When we stay home, we love making brunch – anything from eggs to pancakes. Brunch is my favourite way to start Mother’s Day. Last year, we went to a place by the sea, with a beautiful view and delicious food.

Mother’s Day Photos
My other favourite tradition is to have my partner take photos of my sons and I. I do the same for Father’s Day, and I have to say, sometimes a whole year goes by without us stopping to take pictures of the three of us together. Below are some photos we’ve taken over the years, they’re such great memories.

This year, although we have to stay in isolation, we will still have brunch at home and take photos.

Mother’s Day Card
This is the part where you take the time to think of what mom means to you. I don’t care if the card is purchased or made. In fact, I always tell my boys not to spend money on a card, but I do want them to write me a card. Every year, I have scanned and dated their cards, and kept them in my memories folder.

Here’s one from a few years ago (my sons are older now):

Now you see why the card doesn’t really matter, it’s what it says. I have also had the amazing fortune of getting a card from my partner for Mother’s Day, which means so much to me. I do the same for him for Father’s Day, as I truly admire the kind of father he is.

Gift or No Gift?
I used to love getting a present for Mother’s Day, but that was when they were not the ones paying for the present (when they were little). Now I don’t want them to spend their money on me. I don’t need gifts or flowers, just time.

This is also my favourite thing to do on Mother’s Day. Generally, I don’t sit still. I am always either working, cleaning, or doing something for someone (making hot chocolate, sitting down to chat, making dinner, giving a back scratch or a shoulder rub) – I love doing things for others. I also always find things to do around the house, which means that most days, when it’s time to go to bed, I find I have not stopped for a minute. Mother’s Day is the only day of the year (by choice, mind you) where I sit in the sun and read my book for hours, get brought food and drinks, and do absolutely nothing all day. I love it, and my sons love it too. They cook for me, bring me tea, check up on me occasionally and even watch whatever movie I choose. They do this throughout the year as well, but I am not as relaxed and ready to “receive” as I am on Mother’s Day. For some reason, it always feels so much nicer to do nothing on that day!

Dinner With My Mom And Grandma
In the evening, I like to spend time with my mother and grandmother (now 93 years old), and cook them dinner or take them out to their favourite restaurant. I give them a present, a card, and tell them how special they are to me.

These have been my Mother’s Day traditions for almost twenty years. I would love to hear how you like to spend Mother’s Day with your family!

Have an amazing time this Sunday,

xo Natacha