Cloud dough is wonderful for little ones and older children. It is similar to play dough but is much lighter, softer and has a crumbly texture to it that is perfect for snow day play! You can also squeeze it together and it will hold its shape, which is great for making snowmen. You can smooth it out and it becomes a very soft, flat surface, and you can use your hands and fingers to make it all crumbly again. Children at our CEFA Early Learning schools love playing with it for days on end and are always excited when we make it together!

It offers an amazing sensory experience, and hours of independent fun. This is the fail-safe recipe we use at our CEFA Early Learning schools.

Best Ages for This Activity

Zero to five

How to Make It

You will need

For white cloud dough:

  • 4 cups of flour
  • 1 cup baby oil (or use vegetable oil to make it taste-safe)
  • White glitter (opt out to make it taste-safe)

For whiter cloud dough:

  • 4 cups of corn starch
  • 1 to 2 cups baby oil (or use vegetable oil to make it taste-safe)
  • White glitter (opt out to make it taste-safe)

Let’s get Started!

  • Invite your child to make cloud dough with you
  • They can measure the flour and add it to a bowl.
  • Then they can measure the oil and slowly add it as they mix with their hands
  • Teach them to crumble the flour well with their hands so the oil gets evenly distributed (this is also an excellent fine motor activity).
  • They can add the white glitter when the cloud dough is ready
  • Voilà! You have cloud dough!
  • If you want to make more, simply double the recipe, following the exact proportions.
  • Put it in a sensory bin for your child to play with. It lasts at least two weeks. If you don’t have a sensory bin, put it in any container flat enough for your child to play in, and add some toys.


Learning Opportunities

Making the cloud dough is a great S.T.E.M. activity, teaching your child science and math. Ensure that your child does most of the work, such as measuring, mixing, pouring, and everything in between, so they really learn those S.T.E.M. concepts hands-on. Use as much math vocabulary as you can, such as:

  • How much, how little
  • Slowly, fast
  • Measurements words

It is also an excellent way for your child to acquire fine motor skills, which are essential for writing.

Once the cloud dough is done, it is a nice sensory activity, a precursor to writing. Playing with the cloud dough, especially once you add kitchen utensils, moulds (to build with) or any other tools, will develop your child’s fine motor skills even further, as well as provide opportunities to learn S.T.E.M. and literacy.


Extended Learning Opportunities

  • Practice making snowballs (fine motor skills, S.T.E.M.), then snowmen (fine motor skills, S.T.E.M., dramatic arts) – add props! Here are some ideas, but let your child use their imagination:

  • Add winter cookie cutters to help your child create their own universe of winter fun (dramatic arts) during play, all while gaining fine motor skills (essential for writing)

  • Make it a snowy construction site (dramatic arts) during play and see what you can build in the snow! (S.T.E.M., engineering)

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