This activity can provide hours of fun and independent play. If you’ve tried practicing scissor skills with straw, this is the perfect follow-up activity! It is a great way for your child to create sculptures, art pieces and use them during dramatic play too!

Best Ages for This Activity

Eight months to five years

How to Make It


  • Colourful straws, cut into pieces
  • Colourful play dough – you can make your own using my fail-proof, simple recipe.

Let’s Get Started!

  • Set up the materials neatly
  • Invite your child to make sculptures using straws and play dough
  • Try making people, animals, robots or imaginary creatures – there is no limit to what your child can imagine making:

  • Try making shapes:

  • Try making letters (lowercase only please)

  • Try a colourful 3D sculpture similar to these ones:

  • Try building structures:

  • Try stamping:

  • Try making balls with the play dough then making lollipops:

  • Try adding other materials:

Learning Opportunities

Children will practice their fine motor skills and creativity with this play opportunity, and create art with elements other than paper and color. If they make shapes or structures, they are learning S.T.E.M. and if they make letters they are learning literacy. This open-ended activity is good for creative play, reasoning and independent play. If they create creatures to later play with, it is a wonderful opportunity for dramatic play.
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